Healthy Travels are Happy Travels: Essentials for a Travel Toolkit

July 14, 2015

A Guest Post by Kylie Bevan, Health & Relocation Coach

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Vacation thoughts are usually of warm sun-kissed skin, or making fresh tracks in powdery snow, or sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset, or the amazing view at the top of a mountain – and rightly so!

By packing a healthy travel toolkit, you’ve a better chance of your holiday imaginings coming true. Much better than wrapped around a toilet, or hoping the local doctor speaks your language, or spending hours trying to find a pharmacy miles from your accommodation.

Depending on your intended location, consider packing:

  • First aid kit with bandages, Band-Aids, sterile injection kit, antihistamines, pain relief tablets/gel and antibiotics.
  • Homeopathy kit with guidebook. Trained practitioners would likely hit on the solution more quickly, however in my experience, self-diagnosis using homeopathic treatments has been incredibly successful, particularly for children. I use Ainsworths Essential Remedy Kit.
  • Regular medication and supplements with confirmation letters from medical practitioners for ease in clearing customs - check before you depart.
  • Essential oils for anxiety, difficulty sleeping, immune support and more. I use Young Living.
  • Superfoods and probiotic powders for digestive support and nutrient intake. I use Miessence.
  • A list of trained therapists where you are visiting if your trip is an extended one.
  • A list of websites for advice, such as and, and applications (apps) such as the Travel Health Guide.
A few healthy travel dos and don’ts

DO consider vaccinations before departure if travelling to a developing country.

DON’T delay getting medical advice for concerning illness just because you are unfamiliar with the location.

DO treat mosquito-borne and poor-food-and-water-borne diseases with respect by doing what you can to reduce the possibility.

DO take care with animals such as dogs and monkeys, as they may carry disease in developing countries.

DO take into account that sexually transmitted diseases are worldwide.

DO consider accidents and injuries while crossing roads, travelling in local transport, riding motorbikes and drinking alcohol – especially in countries that don’t have strict driving-under-the-influence penalties in place.

DO boost immunity and recovery with natural diet and remedies. For example, the age-old remedies of garlic, citrus and horseradish for colds, flu and seasonal allergies.


Wishing you a wonderfully healthy and happy holiday!

Kylie Bevan

Health & Relocation Coach

Author of Your Relocation Solution: be healthy and happy wherever you are

Find Kylie on Facebook / Instagram / Google+

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