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Styling 10 Summer Work From Home Outfits for Ultimate Comfort

Styling 10 Summer Work From Home Outfits for Ultimate Comfort

Guest post written by Emma Cavanagh of


Summer is arguably the easiest season when it comes to outfit styling. Summer outfits require less layers, lighter fabrics, the need for options is drastically reduced, and outfits shift to a more casual and comfortable look and feel. When it comes to work from home outfits, we often think of pyjamas, loungewear sets, and the need to only dress the top half of our bodies.


But you don't have to compromise comfort and style this summer with The Work from Anywhere Kit by Encircled which includes: The Unblazer, The Unbodysuit, The Dressy Sweatpant and a Work From Anywhere printed style guide. The kit works as a mini summer capsule where you can mix and match items for different outfit combinations.   


I styled The Work from Anywhere Kit with 4 other Encircled pieces for 10 summer work from home outfits that are comfortable, casual, and professional for Zoom meetings with co-workers and clients. Investing in workwear that is both dressy and comfortable is so important to me when building my workwear wardrobe. My job requires a business professional look and I love that I don't have to compromise on either.


1. The Unbodysuit + The Dressy Sweatpant



I've paired the Long Sleeve Unbodysuit with The Dressy Sweatpant for an elegant summer work from home outfit. The fitted 3/4 length sleeve provides a bit more coverage while remaining minimalist and sleek.    


2. The Unbodysuit + The Dressy Sweatpant + The Unblazer



I've added the Unblazer to dress the look up, the draped front lapel and blazer length pairs well with The Dressy Sweatpant and gives a streamlined look with added depth. Both of the Unbodysuits are the perfect base layering piece for work from home outfits you want to feel stylish and sleek in.


3. The Sleeveless Unbodysuit + The Dressy Sweatpant      



For a minimalist look I styled the Sleeveless Unbodysuit with The Dressy Sweatpant. If you're looking for a summer outfit on those warmer days this is it. The fabric is silky, soft, and breathable so it's perfect on its own or as a base layer. The fit skims the body offering the look of a bodysuit without the discomfort. I've paired it with The Dressy Sweatpant for a simple and casual look. These sweatpants are a wardrobe staple, luxuriously soft with an elastic waistband; this outfit is comfort in a nutshell. 


4. The Sleeveless Unbodysuit + The Dressy Pant + The Unblazer



To dress up the first look, I've added The Unblazer for a structured, more business-professional outfit. The Unblazer looks like a suit but acts like a cardigan. I love how I can throw this piece on top of my base outfit to immediately change up the look without compromising on comfort. 


5. The Comfy Blouse + The Dressy Sweatpant



Adding some colour into the mix, I've paired The Dressy Sweatpant with the gorgeous Comfy Blouse in Pink Quartz. The Comfy Blouse features puff sleeves, an elegant funnel neckline, and is made from breathable French Terry making it perfect for the summer months. I opt for a French tuck with this blouse as it adds structure that I love. This is one of those ideal work from home outfits you can continuously repeat.  


6. The Comfy Blouse + The Dressy Sweatpant + The Unblazer 



For a layered look, I've added The Unblazer for cooler summer days. This outfit is perfect for after-work virtual drinks with co-workers or a cozy lunchtime meditation practice. 


7. The Everyday Boxy Tee in Buttermilk + The Dressy Sweatpant



The Everyday Boxy Tee is my summer go-to for work from home outfits that are casual yet modern. This tee is reversible so you can choose between two necklines for two different looks. I love the versatility of this and it actually adds to the number of outfit combinations you can create. It's available in multiple breathable luxurious fabrics and fits loose for a modern look.


8. The Everyday Boxy Tee in Buttermilk + The Dressy Sweatpant + The Unblazer



Adding the Unblazer to this outfit is seamless, this colour combination is modern and professional and the pieces marry one another perfectly. I French-tucked the tee to create structure at the front while keeping the look relaxed and casual. 


9. The Everyday Boxy Tee in Heather Grey + The Dressy Sweatpant



The Everyday Boxy Tee in Heather Grey provides an alternative for those who prefer a darker base layer. With the same comfort and versatility as the Buttermilk Tee, you can incorporate this piece with anything in your wardrobe. Versatility is key.


10. The Everyday Boxy Tee in Heather Grey + The Dressy Sweatpant + The Unblazer



Lastly, I've added the Unblazer to The Everyday Boxy Tee for a business professional look that is ideal for video meetings and daily working from home activities. The versatility of the neckline allows for two different looks depending on which way you wear it.    



When styling work from home outfits there are several things to consider: make sure the pieces are versatile and can be worn with other items in your closet to allow for optimal wardrobe function, opt for wardrobe essentials and styles you typically reach for on a daily basis, and keep in mind your work dress code so you can style business casual or business professional outfits.


For summer, breathable no-fuss fabrics are key. Layering is smart and practical so having one versatile well made layering piece should be a factor when building your summer capsule wardrobe. Have fun with it too! Add in colour and different structures so you can play around with styling and never get bored throughout the season.     

The versatility of The Work from Anywhere Kit is unmatched, I can easily wear the pieces together or separately for work from home or in an office. The breathability of the fabrics makes the kit perfect for all seasons, while keeping in mind sustainability. Workwear is something to invest in, so building a workwear wardrobe composed of pieces containing better fabric means I can have them for longer. Sustainable, stretchy and no dry clean necessary are better for me and the planet.


I hope these work from home outfits have provided you with inspiration for this summer! Let us know which is your favourite outfit combination below.  


About the Author

Emma is the founder of the blog, Emma Irene Cavanagh, your go-to spot for all things fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Not only will you find the dreamiest fashion inspo on the blog, but it’s a place for the professional, single woman, looking to empower her life and challenge the to-do list society assigns her. You can also follow along with Emma on the Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.



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