The Revolve Dress

Sky Blue
Grass Green
Plum Purple
Sapphire Blue
The Revolve Dress was created to give you an effortless and versatile garment that can take the place of three items in your closet. It easily transforms into a top, tunic, and dress. The reversible cowl neckline offers three additional styling options with a boat neckline, so you can do more with less, elegantly.

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Revolve Dress

I have been wanting this since I first heard of Encircled. I bought this in black and navy so these are my 9th and 10th pieces from here. Sadly, I am disappointed with the items because they are made with pretty thin fabric. I have some under garments that will help make the items more opaque but they increase the cling of the fabric. I love the idea of the dress, but it comes up short in my book.
I saw some other reviews about the cut being different (which I think is to help the front of the dress drape). It doesnt bother me now, but I could see it bothering me in the future. But because of the drape, I thought the dress would be good as a maternity dress/shirt. Since they are so thin and require additional layering, I have only been wearing them as a shirt. They have worked well in this capacity, but still require a base layer.

Alexandria Harris
Thin Material

I do want to mention the disclaimer that part of this review is due to incorrect sizing. I was not able to order the correct size for this dress so it was ill-fitting. I ordered something previously from Encircled in a large and the size was correct, but this dress was not. However the second part of the review is due to the quality of the material. I was also under the impression that this dress would not be see-through and the material is very thin, so I was pretty disappointed. You definitely need to wear some type of cami or undershirt with this dress so that the outline of your underthings does not show. For the price, I definitely thought that the material would be thicker and am really disappointed with how thin it seems.I ordered the dress in black and when the light wasn't hitting it, it was fine. When the light hit it, the fabric was see-through. For that reason, I would not re-order the dress even with the correct sizing, unless this was a fluke. I do look forward to Encircled's new releases, and am always pretty excited at the new designs they come up with. I would still give them another shot, hopefully with thicker material in the new designs. I have to say though, I was looking forward to wearing the dress as a signature piece in my capsule wardrobe (to replace another shirt and a dress) because it did look elegant and classy from the model pictures.

Just great

As a petite, curvy person, I had my doubts that this dress would work on me, but it looks great! Just slouchy and just fitted enough to look relaxed and sexy. Very nice!

Petite Sizes Needed ASAP Please

Lush customer service was great helping me out with sizing as I am petite. Unfortunately, neither the Small & XS fit at all, in both sizes I was swimming in fabric. The problem is the side waist drape, it fell well passed my waist in both sizes falling below my hip. The drape does not stay on my petite 27" waist at all, so both sizes looked very oversized and not at all like the pictures. Length was a bit of an issue too as I am 5' 2" and when the draped fell, the length went passed my knees and the sleeves went 8" passed my wrist in the small and 5" in the XS. I have been waiting for this dress and the sleeveless version to come back out again in the colors black, navy, purple, cream, sapphire blue, and bourdeux red for a bit over a year. Now that at least a few of those colors came out, it was sad to find out encircled current sizing does not fit me petite frame at all. Tops are not an issue for petites and for pants I do have to size down to XS as I am a Small, but I figured that would be the same issue for the dresses, turns out if your petite this dress won't work. I am hoping encircled makes petite sizing for these dresses soon other than the chrysalis cardi, which I do own and is amazing. The revolve dresses both sleeveled and non sleeveled are an amazing idea for travel & daily life. Thankfully, I was able to return both dresses for a full refund, go encircled customer service! But because I live in the US I still got charged the international fee for both orders, with no encircled item to show for it. That bit did suck. Petite sizing please.

Hi, we are sorry our dresses did not work out for you! but thank you for your honest reviews, we are always looking for ways to improve and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Pat OHara
ugly dress

the dress is shapeless and looks terrible. I have emailed several times to return it. pls send label immediately. will not order from you again.

Hi Pat, Thank you for your honest review. A member from our customer teas has reached out to you!