The Everyday Twist Top

Sapphire Blue
Dark Heathered Grey
Plum Purple

Made for the capsule wardrobe, The Everyday Twist Top can be worn 5 different ways, so you never have to compromise comfort for style. A go-to piece, wear it to work, out at night, on a weekend and everything in between.

The key to making all of the looks is the secret snap hidden at the bottom front edge of the top, allowing you to transform it into 5 different styles.

          • Made from 95% Modal | 5% Spandex

            Made from our buttery-soft Modal blend fabric. Modal is a renewably sourced, naturally derived fabric cultivated from beech-tree pulp. Modal yarn is created through a closed-loop process in which nothing is re-released back in the environment during its creation. It has 10 times the yield of cotton, and uses significantly less water. The dyes are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they are free of harmful chemicals. Learn more about our fabrics.
          • Machine wash on the gentle cycle, preferably inside out. Hang to dry. 

            For the gentlest care, hand wash. Do not dry clean, and do not put in the dryer. A light iron can be used if needed, but please use a towel in between the iron and garment.
          • Fit Advice:

            The Everyday Twist Top is designed to be drapey. We recommend staying with your typical dress size.

            The fabric is 4-way stretch that will fit within ~1-2" of the measurements. View the size chart.

            Model's Measurments: Rylee, shown in the Black and Light Heahthered Grey product shots, is approximately 5'9" tall and a size 6-8 (M) is wearing a size Medium in The Everyday Twist Top. Ashley shown in the Sapphire Blue product photos is a 5'7" tall/size 4-6 (S) is wearing a size Small. Vanessa shown in the Dark Heathered Grey product shots is 5'8" tall/size 0-2 is wearing a size XS.

          • EASY 14-DAY RETURNS

            Once you receive your item, you have 14-days to try on the item, and initiate a return if it's not right for you. To get started, simply email us.

            Learn more about our easy return process.


    Responsibly sewn in Toronto, Canada by fairly paid labour.
    We're proudly 100% sweatshop-free.

    Minimalist dress for the Everyday Traveler. Ethically made with sustainable and eco friendly materials.

    0 - 2 (XS)
    4 - 6 (S)
    8 -10 (M)
    12 - 14 (L)
    16 - 18 (XL)
    20 (XXL)



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews

    I love the drape and feel of this material. The multiple ways to wear it make it a versatile piece. I’ve found my perfect capsule wardrobe all from Encircled. I love the clothing and both the ethics and practices of the company. I would love to see a multi-way bra that has straps as an option and will work with the different pieces and support larger busts as well as underwear created from scraps. (I realize that’s much easier said than done.) Keep up the great work!

    Versatile Piece

    Multi way use for the minimalist. Great customer service.

    Already Having Way Too Much Fun With This Top!

    Okay so I was tossed up between getting the infamous Chrysalis Cardi or an Everyday Twist Top. I went back and forth and back and forth and finally I decided to first try the Everyday Twist Top. Why? Well.. I wear cardigans literally every day of my life. EVERY DAY! It's part of my wardrobe uniform whether layered over a tank or tee for summer evenings or daytime when the aircon is blasting or over base layers in winter. Cardigans are a staple for me. So it made sense for me to invest in a superhero cardigan that would do some wild multitasking in my closet. I went with the beautiful Plum Purple and was planning on ordering size Small but the only size available at the time was XS so I decided to take a chance. I'm 5'2" size 34 115-120 lbs and this is the perfect size for me. I'm sooo glad only the XS was in stock or I may not have been so in love!

    As soon as I took it out of the box I started playing with it. I know you're supposed to be able to wear this 5 ways, but if your creativity is flowing you can come up with waaaay more options. I spent way too long and got way too excited testing them out in front of the mirror before stopping to write this review. Well. no, I take that back. I didn't spend too long or get too excited. I think this is really how you should feel about an item you add to your wardrobe. If you're not that excited about a piece of clothing then maybe it's not the right purchase. *shrug* At any rate, I am beyond excited about this top (not to mention the ethics behind it) and all the fun we will have together. It will definitely come traveling with me, I will definitely be sharing some more ways to wear it, and I would definitely buy other colors that work in my wardrobe color palette!

    I wanted to love it...

    But I only like it.
    The quality is great! It’s an extremely well made piece and the fabric is soft and comfortable. I loved the idea of a multi-way top but I had a few issues with it.
    I have a pixie cut so wearing the top as the short cardigan or the twist top shows the wrap around my neck. The extra fabric hung back there also feels a bit uncomfortable and heavy to me.
    Overall, I still like it. There’s 3 other ways I can wear it although I’m likely to just wear it cardigan style.
    As another reviewer said, I wonder if there’s a way they could maybe place hidden snaps at the neck so you could snap the ends in place when you put them behind your neck.

    Excellent addition to wardrobe!

    I purchased the black in a size small (usually wear a 4-6 US size) and it was perfect! I love the softness, drape, and versatility of the piece. If you have short hair (like myself, I have a pixie cut), you'll want to know that the snapped area that drape around your neck when wearing as a twist top or short cardigan will be visible --annoyingly so. When I wear it as a short cardigan, I use a scarf to cover up the snap/draping. There is little I can do to conceal it when it's worn as a twist. I do wonder if they could make the snaps attach to the the neck with the design which would still allow the versatility but now be visible. Anyway, all that said, I still love this piece. Worth the investment for sure.

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