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Becomepart of a movement to create a better fashion industry; one that respects the planet, and people, in the production of clothing. Sharing Encircled with your friends shows there are accessible alternatives to fast fashion available. Learn more about Encircled and our values.


To earn rewards for referring family and friends to Encircled, you'll need to join Encircled's Referral Program by providing your name, a valid email address, and agreeing to the program Terms and Conditions. Then you can refer your friends by email, social media, or sending your personal referral link.

If you were referred by a friend or family member and are new to Encircled, you can claim your reward by clicking on the link that your friend sent and then provide your name, a valid email address, and agree to the program’s Terms and Conditions. You will then be emailed your unique discount code, which you can use to take $20 off your first order of $100+.

For The Referral Program Rules, click here and for Terms and Conditions, click here.

Where can I send referrals?
Go to the Encircled website and click on the "GET $20" button in the bottom left corner, or go to our referral program page.
How many people can I refer and how often?
As many and as often you like! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer or the number of times you can make referrals.
Do you need to have made a purchase to refer a friend?
No - if you haven't made a purchase on Encircled or haven't made one with your current email account, you can still send referrals.
Why do I need an account to do referrals?
It's required for tracking purposes so we can keep tabs on your referrals. If you forget your password, you can easily reset it or contact us.
Can I customize my message to my friends?
Yes, you can customize your emails and social media posts however you like.
What will my friends see when they click on the link I send them?
Your friends will be directed to a landing page that shares Encircled's mission and gives them access to their unique discount code for $20 off their order of $100+.
Can I stack my discount codes?
No, our website does not allow for more than one discount code to be used per purchase. Only one $20 code can be used per order.
How do I know when a referral has been successful?
You will be notified by an email, which will also include your unique discount code, offering you $20 off your next purchase.
Can I send referrals from the Canadian site for use on U.S./International site and vice versa?
Not at this time. If you'd like to send a referral for someone to use on the other Encircled site, go to that site and send it through there. Your reward will be valid for the site that you sent the referral from, but you can contact the Encircled team if you'd like to switch which site your code is valid on here.


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