The Accessories Sewing Studio

The Accessories studio is responsible for making any of our smaller ‘extras’ like Headbands. Located in Toronto, this light-filled space is vibrant, and also the home of an organic kidswear line, Ollie Jones.


What’s Made Here
The Travelista Headband
The Transform Leg Warmers
The All Day Clutch

Toronto, Canada 


About The Accessories Sewing Studio
The Accessories Sewing Studio is located in the former-garment-district of Toronto called Leslieville, just east of the downtown core. Their space is unique, and when we enter their stewing Studio we’re immediately taken by the abundance of natural light, the timeless aesthetics of the space, and the television that’s paused in the corner (everyone gets their dose of Netflix in while they sew; multi-tasking at its finest). We started working with the Accessories studio in 2016, when Kristi was introduced to owner, Cheryl through a friend. Cheryl runs a successful organic kidswear line, and also does short run production for other Canadian brands.

Why We Love Working with Them
We love working with The Accessories Sewing Studio because they are flexible on minimums required for production, which is a huge asset to small makers. Their turnaround times are quick, quality is high and they love working with our fabrics. The team is bright, vibrant and fun and always up for a good chat.