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    • Plan your outfits in advance.  Studies show that if you pre-plan your outfits, you’ll pack less than half the clothing you would’ve if you didn’t on your vacation. Map out activities, weather, and plan what you’ll wear each day. A little planning goes a long way!

      • Be choosy with toiletries. Packing too many toiletries is one of the key reasons for checked bags. Research your destination and accommodations to see what toiletries they provide, and downsize your regular cosmetics into small travel on only sized jars and bottles.

        • Never wear white. A key to carry-on only travel is wearing pieces multiple times, multiple ways. White is one of the worst travel colours to wear because it gets dirty so easily. Opt for bright colours, with neutrals like black, beige, grey or brown.

          • Choose a carry-on bag that works well for your travel style. Maximizing your personal carry-on allowance is essential! Look for a carry-on that fits in the overhead compartment and offers features like compression, inner pockets and dividers. If allowed to bring a second item, think strategically about what piece carries the most and wear your heaviest clothing items on the plane.

            • Think versatility first. The ability to dress up or dress down items will give you more bang for the buck with your travel wardrobe. A blazer that can be worn for a night out or on the airplane? Awesome. A pair of pants that are comfortable, yet stylish enough to dress up. Perfect. Always look for transitional items too that are easy to layer.

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