Men's Nomadic V-neck [Samples & Seconds]

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Reason for Markdown

1- Black, S - label peeling off: 

The care and size label on this garment is beginning to peel off. The information is still legible but will continue to peel off with wash and wear. This does not affect the wear or overall look of the garment, and the remainder of the garment is in good condition.

2- Black, M - thread discolouration, front left side: 

There is a horizontal grouping of yarn approximately 20cm long, just below the left armhole, which appears roughly 2 shades lighter than the rest of the garment. These area's may or may not become less noticeable with wear and washing, however as it is now this yarn is very difficult to see when it is worn. It is mostly visible from close up. The remainder of the garment is in good condition.

4- Black, XXL - run under back neckline: 

There is a run under the back neck of the garment, approximately 21cm long. This run is almost invisible unless looked at very closely, or held under bright light. When worn this run is not visible. The remainder of the garment is in good condition.

Please note: All samples and seconds are final sale, so please read descriptions carefully. No exchanges, no refunds, and no order cancellations. Thanks!