What is Slow Fashion?

April 16, 2013 2 min read

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I admit, when I started encircled, I didn’t know much about slow fashion.

I of course knew ‘fast fashion’ because I am by trade, a retail consultant. Fast fashion apparel retailers that take designs from the runway to the store very quickly, within weeks. Fast fashion to me also speaks to the highly ‘disposable’ nature of fashion – trends that come and go every season. So, slow fashion must be the opposite right?

Kind of.

You are not alone here in not knowing this term, so let’s dig into this more.

The Slow Movement

There is something going on in the world called the “Slow Movement” which Wikipedia defines as a “cultural shift towards slowing down life’s pace ”

I love this. I often feel rushed in life. Who doesn’t?

Moving quickly from task to task without truly soaking in the present.

The slow movement is about that very thing – taking everything day-by-day, bite-by-bite and truly savouring the moment.

Slow Fashion is different. This refers to rejecting fast fashion or mass-produced clothing and instead purchasing artisan produced, fair trade, secondhand/vintage, or sustainably made/sourced clothing.

Slow fashion also encompasses DIY clothing – upcycling, reusing, repairing and the sort. And last but not least, slowing down, your consumption of fashion.encircled chrysalis cardi what is slow fashion sustainability

How can you slow your clothing consumption?

Here's a few suggestions to get you started.

1) If something you own breaks – repair it instead of throwing it out. Example A: Boots / Shoes – Use our friend google to find a cheap (but good) cobbler to re-heel, and re-sole your shoes. If it’s a classic style, why not give them a good refresh (Cost: $15-$25/pair) and instant new shoes! Example B: Jackets - A common loss on jackets is buttons. Why? They're generally hand sewn which means over time they loosen up and can fall off. I’ve noticed buttons never fall off when you’re at home. Never fear. Visit your local fabric store (designer districts are best) to find a solid notions store and get yourself on youtube.

2) Seek out fair trade, ethical, sustainable fashion. A few sites to help you get started: www.ecouterre.com 

3) Check yourself before you wreck yourselfShopping is for many women an emotional habit. I’ve discussed previously my formerly addictive relationship with fashion. Buying stuff just because it’s on sale and then never wearing it. Feeling down, so going for a shop. All of these are bad habits that are easy to break with an increase in mindfulness. If you find yourself at the mall perusing the racks, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” If the answer is “No”. Dig deeper. Ask yourself, what’s really going on. Often, in our lives shopping, eating, working out, offer us a sense of control when the world can at times feel out of our control.

Now, get out there and slow your fashion down a notch. The earth will thank you.



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