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How to Revamp Your Wardrobe Without Buying Anything New

How to Revamp Your Wardrobe Without Buying Anything New

Image of clothing rack with text overlay: New year, same closet
This year, we’re taking the spirit of “New Year, New Closet” but ditching the traditional definition. Buying a new wardrobe to start off the new year is far from sustainable and hard on the wallet. So, instead of going on a shopping spree that will create a more hectic and packed closet, we’ve created a list of resources to help you “shop” within your closet and learn how to revamp your wardrobe, but not buying anything new. These resources will help you rediscover some garments you may have forgotten about, repair ones that need TLC, and create a like-new wardrobe system that will make you excited for the new year! 
step 1: the process


Step 1: Start the Process With a Plan

The first step to revamp your wardrobe is a closet clean-out. You’ll need to identify what garments you want to keep, are unsure of, or know that you want to get rid of. Here’s our resources for doing that physically and mentally.

Set your Intentions

One of the most common causes of being overwhelmed by your closet is due to having too many garments and therefore too many decisions to make when getting dressed. Step one in fixing that, is identifying your intentions with your wardrobe and defining your personal style. Lucky for you, we have a whole guide on how to define your ideal style, which is linked below! 


Encircled: Are You Wearing your Closet? 


Minimalist Wardrobe Workbook 

Our Minimalist Wardrobe Workbook is a step-by-step guide to creating a minimalist wardrobe. This workbook walks you through how to discover your ideal style, audit your closet and create a like-new closet with only pieces that you love and that align with your lifestyle!


Encircled: How to Architect your Minimalist Wardrobe

How to Cultivate a Kinder Closet

Some tips for approaching your closet from all angles -- what you bring into your closet, how you wear your clothing, and how to know when it’s time to get rid of something. These tips will help you slowly build a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe at your own pace - no need to buy a new wardrobe all at once - progress over perfection!


Encircled: 4 Tips to Help You Cultivate a Kinder Closet

step 2: try it out 

Step 2: Try It Out - The Best Way to Assess Your Wardrobe is by Trying it On


One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when cleaning out your closet is what to do with clothing that you want to like, but there’s something about them that makes it a challenge to style independently, or with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Try the Wear your Closet challenge 

Annually at the Encircled offices we participate in the Wear Your Closet Challenge. This is a great activity for figuring out what clothes from your “unsure” pile can be moved to the “keep” or “get rid of” piles.

Encircled: What We Learned from the Wear Your Closet Challenge


Don’t be Intimidated by Patterns 

I’ll admit it. Patterns can equally be a challenge to style, or be a simple way to make an outfit more interesting! Here’s a guide to de-mystifying patterns, and our case for incorporating them into your everyday wardrobe. Our Everyday T-Shirt Dress comes in some great neutral stripe options and is an easy way to add pattern to your wardrobe,

Encircled: 4 Easy Prints that Everyone Should Incorporate into Their Capsule Wardrobe

Colours Can Work in a Capsule Wardrobe 

Just because a capsule wardrobe is versatile, doesn’t mean that you have to resort to muted neutral tones. Having a colour based capsule wardrobe can be a fun way to create a really strong personal style. 

Encircled: How to Incorporate Colours into Your Capsule Wardrobe


step 3: what next


Step 3: What Next? Action.


So now that you’ve curated your closet to contain the clothing that makes you feel good and excited about getting dressed, what’s there to do with the rest? If you’re planning on getting rid of clothing, there are ethical ways to best go about it. Also, with a less full closet, you have to make sure that the clothing that is remaining lasts for years to come, by taking care of it sufficiently. 

Clothing Swap

One of the most beneficial ways to get rid of clothing that you don’t want anymore is to host a clothing swap with your friends or co-workers. 

Encircled: How to Host a Clothing Swap

Make Repairs

Learning how to make simple and common repairs to revamp clothing can greatly extend their lifespan. Plus, with your new skills you can help your friends and family to repair their garments and extend the lifespan of their garments. We created some easy to follow sewing repair tutorials for common clothing flaws and they don’t even require a sewing machine!


Tutorial: 4 Basic Sewing Repairs (No Machine Required!)
Refinery29: Make Do & Mend: Why Repairing Our Clothes Is The Key To Sustainable Fashion


Maintain Your Garments

One of the ultimate best ways to make the most of your closet is taking care of your clothing to make sure that it lasts for a long time. 

Encircled: 5 Tips for Longer Lasting Clothes


Once you’ve made it through the three steps of our wardrobe revamp, you should be left with a wardrobe of pieces you love and wear, and an easier time putting outfits together due to less clutter. With the reduced amount of clothing and more clarity on your wardrobe, you’ll be able to assess if there are any pieces of clothing you feel would really add value to your wardrobe in the long-term.


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