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Surprising plastic alternatives that you don’t already know

Surprising plastic alternatives that you don’t already know

We all know to bring our reusable bags with us to the grocery store and to carry a reusable water with us throughout the day! But, what about some other items you use daily that you might be forgetting about. Unfortunately, plastic is found in a lot of products and is sometimes hidden in items where you don’t expect it. From your kitchen to your bathroom, here are some surprising plastic alternatives you should think about switching to!

In the Kitchen 


Plastic or cling wrap might be something you reach for to cover up leftovers or save a piece of fruit. There are two plastic free alternatives that work even better than plastic wrap; beeswax wraps and linen bowl covers. 


Beeswax wrap molds to whatever you are covering, by using the heat from your hands. It will mold perfectly around a bowl or a piece of fruit. Beeswax wraps are considered eco-friendly because they are generally made of organic cotton and coated in beeswax. Some options: Earthology Variety Pack or Mind Your Bees Maker’s Choice Pack



Next, linen bowl covers! They are very easy to use and extremely sustainable. Just stretch the cover over the bowl and you’re done. Linen is a very sustainable fabric because it is made of flax plant fibres making it strong and durable as well as one of the most biodegradable fabrics. Lekko Life Goods makes a set of three to cover the bases of the bowls you have at home!



It’s not news that plastic straws are bad for the planet and our ocean life but, there are some businesses that still use them. If a business hasn’t opted for the paper straws, it’s always convenient to have your own with you. Encircled aims to reduce plastic waist in any way they can, including providing every team member with a cute reusable water bottle upon hire and warehousing their clothing at their studio so there's no need to polybag garments in plastic. Read more about their commitment to sustainability here.



There are different options to choose from depending on what you want and feel comfortable using. The Pale Blue Dot, Mrs. Greenway and Logan and Finley carry Bamboo, Glass, Stainless Steel and Copper straws. There are also straw covers/pouches to carry your straw around with you and keep your bag clean. So, there is literally no excuse for using a plastic straw ever again.  

Some options: Bamboo Straws, Stainless Steel Straws, Copper Straws, Glass Straws

Also, don’t forget to purchase a straw cleaner


In the Bathroom



Your morning routine probably consists of some brands and items you’ve been using for years. Your oral hygiene routine can be changed to 100% plastic free by switching your toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. 


Switching to a bamboo toothbrush can save the landfill of plastic handled toothbrushes, which will outlive you and never decompose. Bamboo Toothbrush from The Pale Blue Dot


Using toothpaste tabs can ensure that there is no wasted toothpaste and you can avoid sending the tube to the landfill. Toothpaste Tabs from Logan and Finley



The last step is something I never thought of as plastic and that’s floss. Thankfully, there is a silk floss you can purchase which is completely biodegradable, Mulberry Silk Floss from The Pale Blue Dot.





In the shower, an easy switch for bodywash is a bar of soap. Turns out there are actually shampoo and conditioner bars too! They usually last for about 90 washes and are very convenient for travel, no more leaking bottles. The Pale Blue Dot carries a variety for different hair types including hydrating, detoxing and balancing


If you use tampons with an applicator, the brand Organ(y)c uses cardboard applicators as a plastic alternative. Also, their wrapping for all products is also biodegradable, making their products 100% plastic free. The actual pads and tampons themselves are made from 100% organic cotton ensuring no chemicals or other things like plastic can harm you. 


Easy Period, a feminine hygiene product subscription service based in Toronto, uses the brand Organ(y)c and ships everything in cardboard boxes. Making periods easy and plastic free. 


Fitness and Wellness



When you step onto your mat, what are you actually stepping onto? Practicing with a Cork Yoga Mat you know your feet are grounding onto a renewable, earth friendly resource. Scoria is a brand based out of Toronto that sells cork yoga mats designed with childlike designs to release your inner child and creativity. Choosing to practice on something that helps the earth instead of hurting it is actually helping to bring your yoga practice off the mat and into life.



What’s on your feet when you work out? To be honest I’m not quite sure what my running shoes are made out. Thankfully, Allbirds is a brand that lets you know exactly what they are made of. Allbirds uses wool, trees and sugar to make their shoes. Is there anything better than a sustainable fashion outfit from head to toe?



 Lisa Kiss is an Entrepreneur, Founder   of and Ethical Fashion Blogger   at Lisa lives in her hometown Hamilton, Ontario! She loves sharing her journey of mindful living and passion for yoga and wellness on social media! Lisa is currently working towards her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification. You can find her @lisamariekiss on  Instagram,  Pinterest and  Twitter and @lisakisscreative on  Facebook.

All photos are copyright Encircled. Contact us for permissions/rights to re-use or repost images. 

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