Wear Your Closet Challenge | Lisa Kiss, Ethical Fashion Blogger and Entrepreneur

February 20, 2019 3 min read

Below is the account, from  ethical fashion blogger  and  entrepreneur Lisa Kiss, on her experience with the Winter 2019  #WearYourCloset Challenge.


What’s the current state of your closet?

My closet is currently quite minimal. Two years ago, I started my ethical and sustainable shopping journey. I now have about 65 items hanging in my closet down from almost 200. I know, huge difference! My closet feels a lot lighter and it’s less stressful figuring out what to wear in the morning!

I’ve refined my colour palette as well. Almost every piece of clothing I own is a neutral colour and the only pop of colour in my wardrobe is a maroon sweater and navy-blue shirt. However, you could still consider these to be neutrals. Even though there are less clothes in my closet, I still don’t wear everything.

If I take a deeper look into my closet, I know there are crucial basic pieces missing and pieces that I still don’t wear because they no longer fit my lifestyle.

What were the 7 items you challenged yourself to wear?

  1. Vintage Gap Medium Blue Denim
  2. Off-White Cowl Neck Top
  3. Free Label Grey Tank
  4. Lululemon Black Tank
  5. Beige Cardigan
  6. Maroon T-Shirt
  7. Light Blue Jeans

I found the pdf worksheet very helpful to track how I felt about wearing everything throughout the week!

Which outfit did you find difficult and which outfit did you love?

I found it very difficult to enjoy wearing the light blue jeans. They were my mom’s in the 90’s so, they are a special piece in my wardrobe but, they don’t fit my waist to hip ratio properly. Because of the size issue it was extremely difficult to enjoy wearing them.

I absolutely loved wearing the off-white cowl neck top. It is made from bamboo, so the feel is a dream. The cowl neck feature also adds a more professional look the top, making it great for work and meetings.

What were your thoughts and expectations before starting the challenge?

I thought since my closet was so paired down, I wouldn’t end up getting rid of anything. Turns out I still had 5 more things to donate. I honestly didn’t expect to donate/resell any more clothes because I have donated quite a bit over the last year.  


What did you learn about yourself through the process?

I learned that I love comfy clothing; sweaters, leggings, t-shirts etc. but, I need more professional, work appropriate clothing as well.

I learned I’m still discovering my personal style and my personal style will always be evolving so I need to stay on top of my closet to make sure I’m wearing everything.

This challenge has helped me learn that I need to rediscover my closet and figure out how to style pieces differently. I will continue to #WearMyCloset for the rest of the month. I still have a few items that I haven’t worn in a while that need to venture out of the closet for a day to see if I still enjoy wearing them.

Do you have any advice for someone doing the #WearYourCloset challenge?

Don’t go in with a bias against your clothing. Just wear them and have fun trying to style everything!

Also, use the worksheet that Encircled provides, use the styling tips from the daily emails and get involved on social media! There’s a whole group of women going through the same process and it’s great to learn from each other!

Want to join the next #WearYourCloset Challenge?  Sign up here!



Lisa Kiss is an Entrepreneur, Founder of  LisaKissCreative.caand Ethical Fashion Blogger at  KissCollective.ca. Lisa lives in her hometown Hamilton, Ontario! She loves sharing her journey of mindful living and passion for yoga and wellness on social media! Lisa is currently working towards her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification. You can find her @lisamariekiss on  Instagram,  Pinterest and  Twitter and @lisakisscreative on  Facebook.

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