The Essential Work Capsule Wardrobe

March 22, 2017

It might be difficult to imagine, but you’re probably not that far off from having your own work capsule wardrobe already. This past week we challenged ourselves to create a wardrobe that could sustain a professional woman in a myriad of office settings.




All we did was pair five of our most dynamic, and well-loved, Encircled pieces, with five essentials that most likely exist in your wardrobe already (yaaas!). We used the same ten pieces for every typical office occurrence, so if you work across a multitude of settings then you’re really in luck.



Shoes, bags, Jewlery, etc.

General Styling Tips:

When creating our capsule wardrobes, we try to keep the majority of our clothing neutral so that we’re not limited by the seasons. If you’re a colour aficionado, though, try adding that to your outfit through your accessories instead! Since spring is on the horizon, you can try adding some lighter toned coloured accessories (think sage, dusty rose, or a powder blue) to give your outfit a pop of colour. Finally, layering is an underrated way to transform an outwardly simple outfit into something that’s both memorable, visually interesting and practical (you’re never too hot or too cold - perfect for this wild weather we’ve been having!).


Outfits for your run-of-the-mill workday. They’re stylish enough to be office appropriate but also comfortable enough to let you work with ease. Style Tip: pair outfits with a flat or a low heel for ultimate all-day comfort.  


When you want to dress it up these outfits let you effortlessly make a lasting impression. They’re easily made more elegant simply by switching accessories for a more refined and polished look. Style Tip: add a blazer, a delicate necklace and a statement watch or earring. 



For the day that never ends, these outfits will take you from work and straight to the office party. Style Tip: bring a shoe change or switch your purse to a power clutch to keep going on into the night. 


Finally, it’s Friday - dress down without compromising on style with these five outfits. Style Tip: go a bit over-sized but still remain polished by choosing cozy, yet structured pieces. 

Encircled Pieces: The Wanderer Sleeveless T, The Reversible Pencil Skirt, The Evolve Top, The Dressy Sweatpant, and The Retrograde Kimono

Wardrobe Essentials: dark denim, neutral button-up, blazer, flowy blouse, and a cardigan.

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