Workplace Operations

Does the business have proper licenses to operate?
Does the building meet relevant fire and building codes?
Do you have an emergency evacuation plan?
Do you provide employee access to clean facilities?
Is the workplace free of any type of discrimination?

    Employment Standards:

    Are workers compensation regulations followed?
    Are workers of eligible age?
    Are workers hours reasonable and not excessive?
    Are workers given their required breaks?
    Are workers given the option of voluntary overtime?

      Employee Health and Safety:

      Do you provide health & safety training?
      Do you have a health & safety committee?
      Do you have a first aid kit accessible to employees?
      Do you or any employees have first aid training?
      Do you ensure that repetitive motion tasks are kept to a minimum?

        Environmental Awareness

        Does your production process release any waste back into the environment?
        Do you have a waste reduction and/or recycling program in place?
        Do you optimize local sourcing?