The Core Basics studio works with the pieces fundamental to Encircled’s collection. Specialists in full-package development, they’re used to working with startup designers and taking their designs from concept to launch.


What’s Made Here
The Chrysalis Cardi
The Evolve Top

The Essential Long Sleeve Top
The Essential Short Sleeve Top

Toronto, Canada 


About The Accessories Sewing Studio
The Core Basics Sewing Studio is owned by Nikki and Sherri. These two passionate entrepreneurs who took on their operations in 2014 from a long-time apparel manufacturer who retired. We’ve worked with this studio since 2015, when they started making our Chrysalis Cardis. The Core Basics Sewing studio is a larger operation located just 30-minutes north-east of Toronto.

Why We Love Working with Them
We love working with The Core Basics Studio because they are specialists in knitwear production, and they’re adept at working with our silky modal, bamboo and tencel fabrics with ease. They have extensive experience in-house with what they call in the industry, ‘full package’ development, so they are able to easily make any technical adjustments to patterns, or garments with direction on site.