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how to style biker shorts over 30


Does the thought of wearing bike shorts conjure up instant fear? Or does it remind you of a time past that you don’t want to revisit?

Us too.

You’re not alone in struggling to style women’s biker shorts for who you are today. 

If you’re over 30 years of age, you’ll likely recall a time when women’s bike shorts were *it*. 

It was called the 1980s. 

A time when hot pink dominated the fashion runways and before stretch fabrics really made a debut. Luckily, bike shorts have come a long way since then and are incredibly popular and flattering on all body types.

Figuring out what to wear with biker shorts can make or break the style as an essential in your capsule wardrobe. Fundamentally, a capsule wardrobe needs to contain only items that you wear on repeat - you don’t have space for non-functional clothing that is rarely worn.

Like many trends, what goes around comes around and a few seasons back, women’s bike shorts started to appear everywhere. 

At Encircled, we don’t love to follow the trends - slow fashion is all about being timeless over trendy, however, this ‘trend’ of bike shorts has stuck around, so we’re committing to it as a new capsule wardrobe essential for summer. 

We’ve made our sustainable version of a classic bike short from locally knit and dyed MicroModal Lycra. Stretchy, soft and incredibly resilient these shorts will be your new fav.

Here are our fav ways to style biker shorts:

Biker Shorts Styled for a Casual Summer Day

The look: Bike Shorts a Classic Tank + Sneakers


womens biker shorts tank and sneakers casual look


Recreate this look: The Fair Bike Short with the reversible Everyday Tank in Dark Heathered Grey Linen. Shoes: Veja.

Biker Shorts Styled for a dressed up day

The look: Bike Shorts an oversized blazer and tee

Recreate this look: The Fair Bike Short with the Unblazer and sleeveless Unbodysuit. Your fav heels

Biker Shorts Styled for a Breezy Day on Vacay

The Look: Bike Shorts with an oversized lightweight cardigan, tone on tone tank


Recreate this look: The Fair Bike Short, The Chrysalis Cardi as a Cardi, the Sleeveless Unbodysuit. Your fav wedge.

Biker Shorts Styled in a layered sporty look for cooler weather

The Look: Biker Shorts a Sweatshirt + Sneakers

the dressy sweatshirt oversized sweatshirts biker short


Recreate the Look: The Fair Bike Short in Navy with the Dressy Sweatshirt in Stone Beige. Shoes: Veja

Biker Shorts Styled for a casual Fall Day

The look: Bike Shorts a shacket or oversized blazer with tee shirt + Sneakers

Recreate this look: The Fair Bike Short. The Effortless Scoop Neck. Unblazer.  Shoes: Veja

Biker Shorts Styled for a Bike Ride in Summer

The Look: Bike Shorts, a bandeau bra + Sneakers

biker shorts cropped bandeau bra top womens style summer

Recreate the look: The Fair Bike Short with the Renew Bandeau Bra in Black. Shoes: Veja

Biker Shorts Styled for a brunch date

The Look: Bike Shorts an oversized white button-up + slides


Recreate this look: The Fair Bike Short with the Comfy Button Up Shirt. Shoes: Your Fav sneaker or slide.

Which look is your fav?

Comment below.

We’d love to hear how children of the 80s and 90s are rocking the bike short trend in their own way.

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Theresa Bernier
Theresa Bernier

May 24, 2022

Just wondering what the inseam will be on the small….I bike and I wouldn’t want them riding up plus I’m a senior – can’t wear shorts too short, lol!

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